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Senior Pet Care

Keeping your pet healthy in the senior years takes a little extra attention and care. A veterinarian can help catch small problems in the early stages with pet examinations and testing. At Aloha Animal Hospital in Vista, CA, we understand the special needs of senior pets, so we offer a variety of veterinary services to help your pet stay healthy in his or her golden years.

Senior Pet Care

Common Problems in Senior Dogs

Age can take a toll on pets. Your dog may slow down or be less eager to play and run around as it ages. Osteoarthritis that results from normal wear and tear on joints can become painful for your furry animal. Your dog may not hear or respond to your commands as before. Vision loss, diabetes, and heart disease can hinder your animal’s quality of life. Your furry companion may develop thyroid problems or have liver or kidney impairment. Less exercise can lead to weight problems, and tumors can develop on the skin or deep within the body. Proper treatment for these common problems is essential to help your beloved pet live a longer, more active life.

Common Problems in Senior Cats

Cats show signs of aging at a later age than dogs do. They may develop thyroid disorders, diabetes, or kidney disease that requires ongoing treatment. Vision and hearing loss can occur as well. Arthritis can cause discomfort, reluctance to exercise, and depression. Various types of cancer may also develop, either externally or internally. Veterinary care can help manage these problems.

Managing Senior Pet Health Problems

Our veterinarian can monitor your pet’s condition with regular wellness exams and testing. These essential vet services help us to diagnose hidden health problems, which means that treatment can be provided right away. Our veterinarian may advise a proper diet for your senior animal and how to make your household more accessible for him or her. If your dog or cat has a medical condition, our vet can provide ongoing care to manage the problem.

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