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Preventative Care

Our veterinary team at Aloha Animal Hospital encourages pet owners to consider the preventative care options available at our office. This approach to cat and dog care involves a review and diagnosis of your pet's overall health, considering the risks of health problems and diseases. After this evaluation, a veterinarian on our team offers individually tailored suggestions for nutrition, vaccinations, dental care, and other aspects of your pet's health.

Preventative Care

Aspects of Preventative Care

Bringing your dog or cat for a preventative care visit allows us to assess a variety of factors and work in partnership with you to develop a plan that promotes a healthy life. Preventative care may include these areas:

  1. Review of Home Life: This involves learning about your pet's behaviors, lifestyle, and other aspects. By understanding changes that take place throughout the pet's lifespan, we can discuss concerns or areas where additional testing or treatments may be recommended. Spaying or neutering may also be recommended.
  2. Regular Examinations: Dogs, cats, and most other pets age on an accelerated scale. Even healthy cats and dogs are recommended to be scheduled for annual examinations. More frequent visits may be recommended for very young pets and older ones, as well as animals that exhibit pain, experience hair loss, or suffer from other health concerns. 
  3. Weight Maintenance: Part of your cat or dog care program involves a review of your pet's weight. To keep your pet's body mass is in a healthy range, a veterinarian on our veterinary team may suggest a diet plan or supplemental foods. 
  4. Testing for Diseases and Parasites: Screenings allow a veterinarian on our veterinary team to detect diseases, organ malfunctions, and other conditions, and develop a strategy to ensure improved health and reduce or eliminate any pain your pet may suffer in the long-run. 
  5. Dental Care: An inspection of your pet's mouth and teeth allows the veterinarian to determine if disease may be present. Bacteria causing this condition do not just reside in the mouth. They may also work their way into the bloodstream, causing other complications. A preventative care plan may include cleaning as necessary. 
  6. Preventing Parasites: Heartworm medications might also be effective for intestinal parasites. Flea and tick medication helps ensure that both indoor and outdoor pets do not experience complications from exposure to these common pests. 

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For those living in and around Vista, CA, we at Aloha Animal Hospital offer preventative care options for your beloved animal companions. Contact our office to schedule an appointment or learn more. Call us at (760) 724-8313 for more information.