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Pet Allergies

Virtually any type of pet that you might have is vulnerable to allergies. About a fifth of all pet cats and dogs will endure at least one allergic reaction that might recur year after year. Aloha Animal Hospital in Vista, CA, provides effective pet allergy treatment that helps to calm your beloved animal while making it feel better. 


Pet Wellness Exam Could Reveal Allergies

Dogs, cats, gerbils, and other pets often suffer from relatively similar allergies. Our veterinarian can perform a pet wellness exam that could reveal an allergy that might affect your pet.

Dogs and cats are the pets people most often have, and they are often exposed to the same allergens. Those allergens commonly include:

    • Fleas and ticks
    • Dust mites and ear mites
    • Food
    • Pollens and grasses
    • Mold and mildew

A wellness exam will help to identify an allergen that is affecting your pet and provide you with pet allergy treatment that helps to cure the problem. You also might have to make some changes in your home to protect against recurring allergic reactions to commonly occurring allergens.

For example, you might want to get more aggressive toward fleas and ticks by having an exterminator fumigate your home to rid it of the pests. More frequent cleaning can help to remove dust that might attract mites. Even altering plants outdoors might help to reduce pollen that might affect your pet.

Many Allergies Cause Dermatitis

You might notice your pet scratches frequently and has deteriorated fur. Maybe your pet is sneezing or acting agitated for no apparent reason. Those are common signs of a potential allergy that is making your pet feel miserable.

Pet dermatology enables veterinarians to identify trouble spots and determine the cause, which often is an allergy or maybe a flea infestation. Your pet will benefit from treatment for the allergy and possibly include a topical treatment that helps to nourish your pet’s skin.

A variety of potential topical treatments might soothe the itching and irritation of dermatitis and encourage rapid healing. Our veterinarian also might prescribe another pet allergy treatment or a combination of treatments that helps your pet to recover.

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You can call the experienced veterinarians at Aloha Animal Hospital in Vista, CA, at 760-724-8313 or contact us online to schedule a pet wellness exam for your beloved furry friend. We accept pet insurance and payments made with cash and major credit cards or debit cards.