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The veterinary staff of Aloha Animal Hospital is well rehearsed in dentistry.  Dental disease is the number one disease found in mammals.  Your veterinarian has had education beyond veterinary schoool to assure the latest in dental techniques and assessment are the absolute best available.  We see and treat all kinds of conditions.  As noted in the digital radiology page, we have digital dental radiography which enables accurate, speedy films of your pet's dentition.  We also have the best equipment for proper prophylactic cleaning, anesthesia, and anesthitic monitoring.  Aloha Animal Hospital provides the safest anesthetics available with the most uncompromising protocols.

6defda8c_7f00_0001_59b3_141438401b24.JPGHere's one of our dental machines; similar to one you would see at your dentist's office.  We utilize dental drills, ultrasonic cleaners, flushing, and manual instrumentation to provide deep gingival cleaning, extractions, and even gingival flaps (soft tissue procedure to close open sockets and defects).  

We offer sevoflurane and Isoflurane gas anesthetics as part of the anesthetic procedures. 6defcd76_7f00_0001_7762_6d1e255b5055.JPG Local anesthetic nerve blocks and post operative pain control are standard procedures in modern veterinarian dentistry.  The dogs and cats don't like dental discomfort as much as you, so we try to minimize any discomfort caused by dental disease.

Here's an example of a condition called base narrow canines